Mount McCoy

High heat was forecast for this day so I was looking for a short hike outside of the Santa Monica Mountains.  This trail, located in Simi Valley, is not too strenuous, easy to follow and has some great features.  I started early, around 6:50 am.  I ended the hike just as the Sun began to really tun on the heat.

1     2   After reading a review online, this hike had been on my short list.  When I began my climb the lights were still on below.

3               4

The first point of interest on this hike is the 15 foot cross that stands atop Mount McCoy, here bathed in a beautiful morning glow.


Celebrate the New Day

6     7   The main trail is a well-maintained series of of switchbacks to the top.  There are also countless chances to cut the switchbacks and make the hike more strenuous.  I held to the main trail until this point when I headed straight up to the cross.

8                       10


11   From the Mount one can see the Reagan Presidential Library straight ahead.  The version of Air Force One that President Reagan used is housed inside the hanger.


Though about a mile or so away, this angle is best to see the plane.  The closer one hikes to the library the less one can see due to the poorer angle and light.

13     14     16   From the peak, a water tank and a couple of viewing benches.  Also, this strange marker.  Not sure what it is.

17     18   Photo 1 – Under way again, a look back at the cross on top of Mt. McCoy.  Photo 2 – I pass the big water tank.

19               20

21               22

23               24

Six views from the water tank

26     25     27   I continued on toward the Library, now hiking on a single lane paved road.

28       29      30       32

31     The single lane intersects with the road up to the Library.  Although I didn’t explore very thoroughly, I could see the grounds are beautifully maintained.  I ate lunch at a picnic table near the entrance and then headed back.


On the Edge of the Earth

36               38

Photo 2 – Looking down at the trail from the top

35               37

A couple more shots from above

33     39   Interesting rocks


The view of the Mount McCoy cross from near the trailhead.


  • Kathy Schuermann

    I love reading your descriptions and your pictures are amazing.
    I am new to hiking and I go in my own sometimes and I really feel comfortable when I get there because I have read your descriptions and seen your pictures.
    Thank you for that !!!

    • How nice. Thanks very much. I wasn’t sure anyone was actually reading this blog 🙂
      Take care,
      Silent Hiker

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