Yellow Hill Fire Road

I was looking for solitude and found it on this trail located across from Leo Carrillo State Beach.  Overgrown in parts and loaded with ticks in the morning hours, this was a pretty good adventure.

SDC11176     SDC11181

The Sun rises over Leo Carrillo State Beach and Park.  The trail is most overgrown at the beginning.

SDC11187     SDC11201

About half way up the hill I came to a fork.  One direction led straight up the hill and passed an old water tank, the other curved around the hill.  I went straight first and came down on the second trail.  As you can see in Photo 2, there was barely a trail there.

SDC11207     SDC11221

The ocean behind me and some great looking rocky mountains ahead.

SDC11231     SDC11235   The trail has a definite end at gated private property.  I started back down.

SDC11255     SDC11285

A little hazy but that’s Santa Cruz Island on the left and Point Dume on the right.

SDC11278   Wonderfully fragrant plants on the trail.

SDC11258   Hiking with a heavy heart on this day as my tough little guy lost his fight this week.  I’ll love you forever, Sugey.

SDC11288     SDC11299

Photo 2 – Came across this collage of rock singers sitting by the side of the trail for who knows how long.  Strange what you find on the trail.

Yellow Hill

Massive mountain above Yellow Hill Fire Road.




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