Zuma Canyon

I have hiked these trails before but not in a couple of years.  I decided to switch things up in a couple of ways.  First, this was a rare late afternoon/evening hike for me.  Also, I hiked the trails in a different order than I have before.  A peaceful and quiet seven miles.

1     2   The free parking lot is beyond this gate.  I parked outside because I assumed I would be getting off the trail after sunset, when the gate is locked.  This was a good move as a ranger was locking things up just as I made it back at the end of my hike.  I started off going straight on Zuma Canyon Trail.  There are trails that break off in both directions but I would get to all of them a little later.

3   You can see Zuma Ridge Trail cutting into the mountain above and to the left.

4       5      6       7

Zuma Canyon Trail is a flat, canyon bottom hike.  It crosses over the creek several times but today was dry.  After a mile and half or so the trail dead ends.  I had an idea to walk up the creek as far as I could but that didn’t last long.  It was too rough.

8               9

10   Rocky creek hiking

11     12   I backtracked, took a right at the first junction and hiked the shorter loop trail.

13               14

Beautiful and shady, the trail soon climbs out of the canyon.


16               17

Photo 1 –  A view across Zuma Canyon.  If you look closely you can see Canyon View Trail running steeply into the hills.  Photo 2 – Right next to Canyon View Trail is Ocean View Trail, as can be seen below the ridgeline of this hill.

18       21      19       20

I hiked another little loop off the loop trail I was already on.  It took me up close to Zuma Ridge Trail.

22               23

I started up what was the most challenging part of the hike – Canyon View Trail.  It’s very steep in some areas.  This is the trail I usually come down because the grade is so severe.  From the trail I looked down at Point Dume and the Pacific.

24       26      25       27

Photo 4 – From the top of Canyon View Trail

28     29     30   On the other side of the hill I just climbed is Kanan Dume Road and Zuma Edison Road, which I hiked a while back.

31   Looking back in the direction of Zuma Ridge Trail – here is Buzzard’s Roost Ranch, at the top, surrounded by trees.


33     34     35   I now head down Ocean View Trail which is also quite steep.


Golden Sky

37   Goodnight Zuma Canyon.


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