Triunfo Canyon Trail / Los Robles Trail

Not to be confused with a previous hike, the similarly named and nearby Triunfo Pass.  Another short (five or so miles) and local trail in the Thousand Oaks area.  I’m just about running out of these.  This is the third time I’ve taken a chunk out of the Los Robles Trail system and I think I’ve finally completed it now.  The high point on these trails has fantastic views.

1     2   I parked at Triunfo Community Park.  Just a tip, park in the second lot near the end of the street, not the first one with the sign.  The trailhead is just a few feet from the second lot.  I started out climbing on Triunfo Canyon Trail.

3               4

There are great views of Ladyface Mountain.

5       6      7       8

9   Once I neared the top of the trail I could see Los Robles Trail winding it’s way along the hillside across the way.  At a junction I cut over to the trail (really a fire road).  Photo 3 – I came out just a few feet under the trailhead for South Los Robles Trail, my return route.  I had been here once before on my Conejo Crest hike.  This time I turned and followed Los Robles Trail east to make a loop.  There is some climbing involved.

10               11

The hillsides here are dotted with interesting looking rock formations.

12               13

14   I think this one is near the Rocky Oaks area off of Kanan Dume Road.


Another shot of Ladyface Mountain, this time with Castro Crest behind and to the right.

16     19   The road eventually ended and a single track trail, slightly overgrown in areas, continued on.  There are several trails breaking away from the main one.  I Just kept following whatever trail was heading east.  The trail became quite rocky in stretches.

17               18

Also on display in spectacular form is nearby Mount Clef.

20     21     22   I descended to the end of the trail at a fence. Because of the “closed” sign I was a little worried I would have to backtrack back uphill.  But Los Robles Trail continues just down and to the left of this sign.  Not sure what this big flat area is at the end of the trail, shown in photo 2.  I followed Los Robles Trail, which turns back into a wide fire road, now heading west.  Soon there is a junction in the trail.  I went left and uphill as going straight would have taken me down to the road shown in photo 3.


Another photo of Mount Clef

24     25     26   I followed the power lines which I remember from my last hike here.  They appear to go one for miles.  As I neared South Los Robles Trail I noticed a couple of things I had missed on my first pass.  A dead car in the bushes below the trail was first.

27     28     29   And then something atop a small hill above the trail.  I hiked up to see what it was.  A small cross – a memorial by family and friends.  I have run across several of these over the years in various forms.  They always bring a poignant quality to the day.


Looking down from the hill with the little cross, I spotted the turn-off for South Los Robles Trail, near the power line furthest left, and could see Los Robles Trail continue to the right.

31     32   I climbed a steep hill to get to the junction for South Los Robles Trail, and then kept climbing to the high point of that trail.  I had visited here once before and there are a couple of benches to rest upon.

33               34

35               36

37               38

39   I rested and ate a snack.  I decided to perform a little experiment.  Instead of trying to get the best angle for my photographs, I sat on the bench a pivoted around in a circle.  This is the real view you will get as you sit here.  Photo 1 – Spinning from left to right I could see a couple of bodies of water below.  Photo 2 – Part of the Santa Monica Mountains Range  Photo 3 – I believe, the Sespe Wilderness area  Photo 4 – Mount Clef an the Wildwood Park area  Photos 5 and 6 –  The San Gabriel Mountains, a silhouette in the distance, with Mount Wilson and Strawberry Peak most noticeable to my eye  Photo 7 – And finally Ladyface Mountain again

40   As I hiked on down South Los Robles Trail I came to another large junction.  The trail to the left leads back down to Triunfo Canyon Trail.  I stayed straight on South Los Robles.

41               42

The bodies of water became closer as I hiked.

43     44     45   From above I spotted the Triunfo Community Park where my car was.  But now I had to travel down some paved roads through a neighborhood to get down there.  It’s very easy.  South Los Robles trail ends at Brookview Avenue.  All I had to do was walk down a ways and take the first two lefts, on to Stonegate Street and then Aranmoor Avenue.

46     47   Aranmoor Ave. took me to the opposite side of Triunfo Park from where my car was parked.  Just before I reached the green lawns and picnic tables I noticed a trail heading just above the park in the direction I wanted to go.  This shady trail took me right to my car and was a pleasant way to end my day.

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