Stunt Ranch

A short hike as the Sun cooked Malibu with 95 degree heat.  I had planned to go further, following two trails that are on a map I found online, but couldn’t find one of them when I got out there and am unconvinced it actually exists.  A fun day nevertheless.

1     2     3   I parked on Stunt Road, a mile or so off of Mulholland, in the same lot I used for my hike in Red Rock Canyon.  The names of the trails are slightly confusing.  I started out on Lower Stunt High Trail and made my way toward the ocean on Upper Stunt High Trail.  In-between I also did a small loop inside the park.  Photo 3 – Native American mortar holes

4       5      6       7

On such a hot day I was thankful that these trails have a good amount of shade.  At a half mile there is a junction.  Follow the trail marked STL (Stunt Trail Lower) if you want to continue on Lower Stunt High Trail.  I took a right here and did a short loop which took me through Cold Creek Valley Preserve.  Photo 3 – There was some plant I passed by, I couldn’t tell which one it was, that had a strong, sweet odor – very much like a man’s cologne with a hint of cinnamon.  Maybe it was the heat, I’m not sure, but the plants on the trail seemed especially fragrant on this day.

8               11

9               10

These trails are right beneath Topanga Lookout, shown in the left of photo 2.  Also highly visible is the tower that’s on the trail to Topanga Lookout.


After the small loop I had planned to follow the “Cold Creek Trail”, which was drawn on the map I found online but was not on my Tom Harrison map.  First problem, the trail I was on disappeared here at this garden of native plants.

13               14

The trail sort of picked up again, heading toward a road and some houses.  And then it ran along the fence line of this house.  Looking at the drawing of the trail from the online map and then checking a topo map of the area, it seems the person who drew the online map simply hiked parallel to the street and, I assume, next to the backyard fences of several houses along the way.  This was not something I felt comfortable doing as I like to respect people’s privacy.

15       16      17       18

Leaves changing from green to deep red.

19     I returned to Stunt High Trail and began to climb.  Here you can see Calabasas Peak and the windy fire road that leads up to it.

20     21   Stunt Road twists up the mountainside.  To get from Lower Stunt High Trail to Upper Stunt High Trail I had to walk up Stunt Road just a ways and cross over.  It is not marked and might be hard to find without a map.  Before I crossed over I did find the trailhead for Cold Creek High Trail, the second trail that is on the internet map I printed but not on my Tom Harrison map.  I look forward to exploring it soon.  This day was too hot to chance getting turned around or lost out there.  At the top of Upper Stunt High Trail, which once again intersects with Stunt Road, was parked this a from The Biggest Loser.  I crossed paths with the Biggest Loser group on the other side of the road.


Looking north from the top of Upper Stunt High Trail.  I sat down on a big rock, in the shade, and ate my lunch.


Now on my way back, a close-up of Calabasas Peak – it’s the last peak on the left.



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