Serrano Canyon Loop

In the Point Mugu area.  A couple of years ago I hiked in Serrano Valley, parking off of Serrano Canyon Road.  This time I parked on Pacific Coast Highway, hiked up Big Sycamore Canyon Trail and then through Serrano Canyon.  This is a beautiful area.

1       2      3       4

5   I started out next to Pacific Coast Highway.  I walked down to the beach to get a couple of photos.  I then crossed the highway and started up Big Sycamore Canyon Trail, a wide, flat fire road set in the middle of a wide canyon.  I noticed a few of black-hooded parakeets in the trees, the same kind that frequent the feeders in my backyard.  After a little over a mile, I came to Serrano Canyon Trail.

6     7   Fire damaged tree

8               9

Serrano Canyon is mostly flat with a bit of climbing.

11          12   The Reaper

10       13      14       15

16       17      20   Sights in Serrano Canyon

18               19

Photo 2 – Evidence of the 2013 fire that swept through the area.



I emerged from the canyon to fantastic views of Boney Mountain and Serrano Valley.

23     24     27   Rust on the Trail – I passed by an old pump, dated 9-1-51.

25   It had been awhile since I hiked this area and I couldn’t remember exactly where I had been before.  After passing this hill I had a definite sense of deja vu.



I reached a point where I could see the bottom of Big Sycamore Canyon.

29     30   Here is the sign that marks the turn-off down a short section of Old Boney Trail to Big Sycamore Canyon Trail.  I recognized this as the place I turned around when I made my original Serrano hike.  This was the steepest part of my hike.

31     I could clearly see Big Sycamore Canyon Trail below.

32       33      34       35

Now back on Bug Sycamore with another four plus miles to get to my car.  Photo 4 – Plane flying low over Big Sycamore Canyon.

36   I reached Pacific Coast Highway.  Instead of crossing over the busy road I walked under this bridge and then up the beach.


The tide was getting high, I almost had to turn back.

38     39   I made a dash for it as the waves receded and kept my boots dry.

40               41

I parked right above this rock formation – here is a photo from early morning and the same shot late in the afternoon.

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