Potrero Ridge Trail

A short hike in the Thousand Oaks/ Newbury Park area.  I had hiked part of this trail on my Tarantula Hill hike but didn’t finish it.  The two maps I had were not accurate but I soon figured out where I went wrong.  On this day I completed the trail.

1   I parked in a lot off of Wendy Drive.  I headed west up the hill and toward this water tower along a dirt road.


3      4     5   Photo 1 – There are two views that stand out on this trail – one of Boney Mountain in Point Mugu State Park and one of Conejo Mountain.  Here is Boney Mountain.  Photos 2 and 3 – I hiked up to the big water tank next to the trail.  I walked around the back for better views and found this marker.


Another mountain I have hiked previously – Conejo Mountain.

7               8

9   Photo 1 – Closer on the hikable part of Conejo Mountain  Photo 2 – On extreme zoom – my turnaround point for my Conejo Mountain hike was the power lines in the top right of this photo.

10               11

Photo 1 – Looking west toward Dos Vientos Open Space.  Photo 2 – I continue on Potrero Ridge Trail.  Soon I had to cross Reino Road below and switchback up that backwards “Z” shown on the hill across the way.

12     13     14   Here’s where I became confused last time.  At the water treatment plant, there is not a trail that goes straight down the hill as was indicated on the map I used.  I had to make a sharp right turn there and head east for a while.  The trail will brought me to the top of the cul-de-sac shown below.

15     16   Once I got to the cul-de-sac, I headed down the street, known as Woodland Oak Place, to get to Reino Road.  I took a left and walked down Reino Road and crossed the street when I saw the gate shown in photo 2.


I started up the second leg of Potrero Ridge Trail.  Through the brush, I spotted a pond below.

18               19

Photo 1 – In the foreground, Mount Clef Ridge of Wildwood Park comes into view.  Photo 2 – The green patch in the middle of the picture is Dos Vientos Community Park, where I parked for my Conejo Mountain hike.

20   I reach my turnaround point, Via Las Brisas.


On my way back – Another shot of Conejo Mountain


Another shot of Boney Mountain

23     24   Photo 1 – I hike down the backwards “Z”.  Photo 2 – View to the east, toward the water tank and the first half of the trail.

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