Montgomery Canyon – Oak Canyon Loop

Looking to beat the summer heat so I took a short hike in Simi Valley, around six miles I guess.  This was one of those dry canyon hikes with a bit of climbing.  It didn’t last long but it was good to get back on the trail.

1     2     3   I arrived on the scene at 5:45 a.m.  I parked on the street across from Challenger Park because the gate to the parking area was locked.  To begin, I took the trail to the right of the kiosk and climbed up a hill.  At the top of the hill was a junction with trails running in several directions.  Do not take the trail to the right marked “Trail”.  Instead, take the trail just to the left of it that gently curves to the left.

4               5

6   Photo 1 – Close-by is Mount McCoy.  On the left you can make out Ronald Reagan Library nestled on top of the hills.  Photo 2 – Closer on Mount McCoy, which I hiked a couple of years ago.  Photo 3 – On zoom, the 15 foot concrete cross on top of Mount McCoy.


After taking the aforementioned trail at the junction, I walked a short way to the connector trail which broke sharply to the right.  This trail connects Challenger Park with the longer loop trail.


9               10

11               12

There is a nice looking rock formation that can be seen from near the top of the loop.

14   On my way back.

13               15

I took a slightly different route back to the the park.  I got off the trail at around 10 a.m. just as the heat really began to impose itself.

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