Los Robles Trail: Potrero Road to Angel Vista / Rosewood Trail

I returned to Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park to tackle the hike I had planned for last week.  My car keys did not get locked in the trunk this week and I had a solid day of hiking.

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Los Robles trailhead off of Potrero Road.  I got to know this parking lot well last week.  This was not the worst place to get stuck.  Above the lot there is a picnic table shaded by a kiosk.  There is a lot of interesting material pinned to the board.  I especially liked the pages on the predatory birds living in the area.  The water fountain, a rare find at a trailhead, was a life saver.


I get to climbing on Los Robles Trail.  Looking across the way, back toward Wendy Drive, I spot the water tank that I hiked by last week.

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Photo 1 – I turned right at this sign.  There are a few of these short but steep hills and the trail passes through private property.

14               15

18               16

Photo 1 – Looking back after another steep hill, my shadow fifteen feet tall.  Photo 3 – On zoom – last week’s hike, Tarantula Hill.  Photo 4 – I spot Angel Vista.  I would stop on my way back.

17   Now I turned down Rosewood Trail and began the trek down to the bottom again.  I can’t lie, with every step down there was a small dread knowing it would have to be repeated later in the opposite direction.

19               20

When I went hiking in Wildwood Park across the 101 I saw a bunch of big white buildings and thought it might be a college campus.  I was told that it’s the pharmaceutical company Amgen.  Among the buildings is this colorful one.  From a distance I thought it might be a Toys R Us.  Even on extreme zoom I’m not sure what I’m looking at.  Giant Butterflies perhaps?

21     22   The trail arrived at a neighborhood.  My plan was to go down and hike the half mile trail at the Stagecoach Inn Museum.  The trail took me down to Lynn Road.  I turned right on Lynn.  I turned left and crossed the street at Ventu Park Road, with Mount Clef Ridge in the background.


I soon arrived at the Stagecoach Inn.  There was a school tour going on and I was told I could not hike the trail.  I was told there are tours every Wednesday.  I would like to come back here someday as it looks like an interesting place.

24   I climbed back up to Angel Vista and ate lunch.

25               26

27   Views from Angel Vista

28     29   Photo 1 – Pufferfish looking pod  Photo 2 – Again, the tank off of Potrero Ridge Trail, on close-up.

30               31

Flowers back in the parking lot

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