Las Llajas Canyon – Chumash Trail

There are several trails around Southern California that bear the name “Chumash”.  This one is located in Simi Valley and runs parallel to Hummingbird Trail which I hiked several months ago.  Las Llajas Canyon Road runs parallel as well but is one trail further up the road.  The two are connected by North Ridge Trail and a portion of Rocky Peak Trail to make a 10.5 mile loop.  A windy but pleasant day.

1     2     3   I parked on Evening Sky Drive.  On one side of the street is the trailhead for Las Llajas Canyon Trail.  On the other side, the way I headed, is North Ridge Trail.  I got spit out on Broken Arrow Street.  I Walked from here straight to Flanigan and then left up to the trailhead.


5     6     7   With the connector trail out of the way, I begin the real hike.  After a good climb the trail comes to a small level area with an interesting rock formation on the right which I explored.

13               8

9               12

Wish photo 2 would had come out better.  In the upper corner there is a cool feature, a natural turret enclosed on three sides by a circle of rock.  There’s enough room to hide down inside.

10     11     14   There are holes to crawl through, if you’re small enough.  At the other end there is a pretty good drop.  Notice the sphinx shaped rock just ahead.


Here it is as I pass by.

15               18

19               23

Crazy rocks cover the hills beside me.  I parked at the foot of this mountain for my first hike in the area.

20       21      22       24

As I hiked I noticed a dangerous looking footpath that broke off to the right and disappeared into the hills.  I climbed up a small hill, looked ahead and saw the trail take a sharp turn to the right.  The dangerous little footpath was the one I was on.  I had to laugh.  The trail isn’t bad, really.  It is a climb and also windy and narrow.  I know mountain bikers use this trail.  I’m not sure how that works.  Photo 4 – This area is known for having trails with short sections of solid rock to hike over.


Flat Rock from Chumash Trail

27     26   At the junction with Rocky Peak Trail I had a conversation with a man and his puppy Ace.  Ace was too excited to sit still for a photo.

28     30     29   I went left at the junction and continued on Rocky Peak Trail, next stop Las Llajas Canyon Trail.  Photo 1 – There is one confusing offshoot that leads a few yards up to this “marker”.  Just turn around and follow the main trail.  Photos 2 and 3 – Shell fossils on the trail.


Panorama from Rocky Peak Trail

31               32

33   Photo 1 – From the junction between Rocky Peak Trail and Las Llajas Canyon Trail is in approx. 1.7 miles.  When you see these trees you’re close.  Photo 2 – These antennae sit on top of a nearby mountain.  This trail does not lead there.  Photo 3 – Here is a shot Las Llajas Canyon Trail.  It is not signed.  Again, after you reach Rocky Peak Trail from Chumash Trail, go to the left 1.7 miles or so.  You will come to a “Y” fork. Go left up a small hill and then down into the canyon.  I love all the green grass.  I sat by the side of the road and ate lunch.

35       36      38       39

37   Las Llajas is used by motor vehicles.  Along the trail there are areas marked private property.  Photos 1 and 2 – Some have oil rigs or other junk.  Photos 3 – 5 show some wild life.

40               41

42               45

The trail passes at the foot of several huge hills.


Photo stitch of Las Llajas Canyon Trail

43     44   At the bottom a big rock I saw a cave.  I could swear there something inside, maybe left by a person who had climbed up there.  To the left – a small statue or maybe rocks stacked on top of one another?


I cross over into Marr Ranch.  I’m not sure of the exact history but I read people have been trying to develop this area since the 1920’s . Online I saw articles dated as late as the mid 90’s that refer to a huge development of over 500 houses.  Not sure what happened but glad it worked out the way it did.

47       48      49       50

51       52   Photos 2 and 3 – Stuff by the side of the trail – I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  Photo 4 shows beehives sitting very near the trail and Photos 5 and 6 a rusted out horse trailer.

53               54

I followed the paved road up the hill, back to Evening Sky Drive and my car.


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