Lang Ranch Loop

Another short hike this week, about 3.5 miles, as I recover from a minor injury.  Located in Thousand Oaks, the day was enjoyable but too hazy to get a good look at the surrounding area.

1     2   Photo 1 – Looking back down Lang Ranch Parkway, just under a mile from Westlake Boulevard.  The hike begins right off the road.  Photo 2 – This trail is right next to one of my previous hiking destinations, Oakbrook Regional Park and it’s Chumash village mock up.

3     4   Close to the beginning and just off the trail is a stone foundation.  I climbed up to investigate but there’s really not much more to see than what’s shown in photo 1.

5   Less than a half mile in the trail splits. I went left and uphill to begin the loop.


This large wall of rock is the trail’s most visible landmark.

7               8

9   Another good landmark, shown in photo 2, is a lone tree which stands atop a hill next to the trail.  If you want to explore it you can go straight up the hill, or continue on the road and gain access from the top.


12               13

To the left I could see other trails in the area which I plan to explore soon.  There are also several interesting looking sandstone formations right off those trails.

10       14      16       15

I came to another junction in the trail.  The wide dirt road continues to the left and connects with several other trails.  I went right on a more narrow trail.  The trail down is quite steep in places.

17     18     19   As I descended I was happy to run into a little shade on an otherwise exposed trail.

20This little guy was just sitting in the middle of the trail.  Don’t you want to roll him over and scratch his tummy?

21               22


As I looped around I was taken to the foot of the rock face.  Nice day but I can’t wait to get back to some longer hikes.

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