Arroyo Burro Trail

Sometimes things just don’t come together like we plan.  I was back in Santa Barbara this week on a trail that is supposed to mirror my two previous hikes in the area – start in the canyon and climb to East Camino Cielo Road.  But I lost the trail someplace.  This sort of problem is usually just temporary but I couldn’t overcome it this time and had to turn around after about three miles.  There were signs marking the trail along the way, there was supposed to be another marking a footpath but I never saw a sign nor a footpath.  While I was left with a feeling of disappointment I was also left with a lot time on my hands – to observe more closely and smell the roses if you will.  The sights were awesome and I had a fun day so how could I be anything but happy?

1     2   On my way to the trail – a couple coyotes cross the road.  I parked by the beige water processing plant.  The Jesusita Trail trailhead is kind of hidden on the left hand side down a slope.

3   Beautiful stream-side canyon trail.

4     5   The fork in the trail – to the right the Jesusita Trail continues.  I went left on the Arroyo Burro Trail.

054   The trail is part paved road through private property.

7               8

9     42   After the paved road I picked up the dirt trail again which runs beneath the ranch house ahead.  Photo 2 – The backyard view of the ranch house by the trail.

10               11

I saw a couple of deer wandering the hillside.


I read this trail had been cut in half for many years in a land dispute between the city and a private landowner.  An agreement was reached allowing access.  Thank you.

14       12      15       16

17   I followed the trail up and down these little hills – short but steep.  Photo 2 – Unusual scat on the trail  Photos 3, 4 and 5 – Avocado grove across the way and on the trail

19               18

The Small and the Mighty


Looking toward the mountains.  The highest peak here, on the left with trees at the top, is La Cumbre Peak.  I hiked to the top on New Year’s Day.  Below that is Cathedral Peak, with it’s distinctive “tooth”.  The peak below that, I believe, is called Arlington Peak.


Looking toward the Pacific and Santa Cruz Island.  Santa Barbara has been hazy each time I’ve come.

22               23


The “Tooth” of Cathedral Peak

25               26

Photo 1 – La Cumbre Peak on extreme zoom.  Doesn’t look like anyone is hangliding today.  Photo 2 – Arlington Peak, I believe

27     28     29   In my hiking guide it said I would come to some power lines and that the trail ran to the right.  I was confused as there were more than one set of towers, I went to the right at the first and found a dead end.  At the second set of towers, a path runs right underneath this tower and disappears.


My turn around point.  I’m sure the trail was right under my nose.

33               34

Sometimes I look up and am awed by the massive size of Southern California’s mountains.

31     32   I’m pretty sure that UCSB is just to the right of that cove.

35               36

37   Some bugs and plants along the trail.

38       39      40       41

Butterflies and poison oak

43       44      45       46

Back in the canyon now.  I stopped at the picnic table by the creek.  I had the same experience as last week at White Ledge Camp in Ojai.  I stopped and enjoyed the peace and quiet.  The running water acts like white noise, absorbing the other sounds from the immediate area.  Very peaceful.  I want to take time to stop, still my mind and enjoy the silence on each hike I take from now on.

47       48      49       50

51       52   Photo 1 – Rusted “can” by the side of the trail.  I decided to extend my hike by a couple of miles by heading down a connecting trail to Stevens Park.  Stevens Park would make a great addition to a day of short hikes.  Photos 3 and 4 – Bedrock mortars left behind by the former residents – Chumash Indians once lived here.  Photos 5 and 6 – I know these photos aren’t totally clear. What I am trying to capture here is a wire loop mesh that is strung up across the creek.  I’m not sure what it’s there for.

53               54

I wondered why I kept hearing cars pass by until I looked up and found I was passing right under the freeway.

55   I arrive at Stevens Park. There is a restroom, picnic tables, etc.


Final panorama

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