The Grotto

I return to the Circle X Ranch area, home of the Sandstone Peak and Triunfo Peak trails I hiked previously.  I think this is the most beautiful area in the Santa Monica Mountains.  This is a shorter outing, around five miles, but is loaded with spectacular scenery.

1   Shot of Sandstone Peak and the windy Yerba Buena Road.  I parked in the same lot I used for my Sandstone Peak hike.

2     3   This time I headed in the opposite direction, across the road and down Canyon View Trail.  This hike has the uphill on the way back.


Huge mountains fill the eyes.  I took quite a few photos on Canyon View Trail but found better views of the same sights on the Grotto Trail.

5     6     7   The Grotto Trail begins with a set of stairs.  Photo 2You pass over the top a waterfall, about 25 feet tall I would guess, which was dry today.  Photo 3 – And then rose up through this meadow.  Turn around for the view of Sandstone Peak.


9               10

11   Circle X Ranch sits at the foot of the mountain.

12               13

14               15

16     18     17   Near the bottom of the canyon, oaks begin to appear. Strange and twisted.

19     21     22   I began to hear running water and arrived at a creek.   Sometimes it was difficult to tell exactly from where it was coming as creek frequently runs underground – you can hear it but not see it.


To continue on you must climb down these boulders.  Honestly, it was a bit more dangerous than I had anticipated.

23       24      25       26

Boulders upon boulders

27               28

These two shots look back up at the boulders I had scrambled down, to give an idea of the level of difficulty.

29     32     30   Photo 1 – There are also a lot of great holes to fall into, if that’s your thing.  Photo 2 – Surrounded by walls of rock.  Photo 3 – All the while the water flows through these big boulders, about 12 to 15 feet below, and you can catch glimpses of it through the cracks.


Don’t fall in.

33               34

I came upon a small opening that led back under the boulders.  I took off my boots and crawled inside.  I would say the water was about knee high.  I’d advise some kind of foot protection.

35     36   I am sure there was something much better, like a bigger cave, right below, but the only way to move forward that I could see was straight up this crumbling rock and then along side a ledge.  I felt I had pushed my limits as far as I wanted on this solo hike and turned around here.  I’ll mark this down as yet another trail with which I have unfinished business.



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