Hillcrest Open Space Preserve

Back in Thousand Oaks this week at the Hillcrest Open Space Preserve which has just a couple of trails that form a loop.  This park is right next to a bunch of houses and I was sure the trails would be crowded but only saw one person all day.  I will remember these trails mostly for their sometimes comically steep hills.


There are no trail signs.  Hillcrest Ridge Trail runs to the right up this steep hill and White Sage Trail to the left.  I started on Hillcrest and finished on White Sage.  Mustard and foxtails crowded the trail.

IMG_3660               IMG_3670

IMG_3695     IMG_3698     IMG_3692     The morning was overcast with the occasional cold gust of wind.  Photo 3 – The Sun breaks through the clouds like a train’s headlight cutting through a thick fog.


That’s the tallest peak in the immediate area, straight ahead.

IMG_3742               IMG_3757

There are no switchbacks on this trail, just straight up and down along the ridge.

IMG_3798               IMG_3834

Photo 1 – From the peak, my path was visible, looking a bit like the Yellow Brick Road.  Photo 2 – Looking back at the peak.

IMG_3826       IMG_3837      IMG_3850       IMG_3914

There are three short trails that cut across and connect the two main trails. Photo 2 – The second connector trail.  There wasn’t much to see during the last quarter of the trail.  It took me right past a few houses and under many power lines.

IMG_3866     IMG_3877     IMG_3895   Photo 2 – You can see that White Sage Trail runs along the bottom of these hills, parallel to the less defined Hillcrest Ridge Trail up top.  Photo 3 – The white sage for which the trail is named.

IMG_3899               IMG_3906

IMG_3950               IMG_3949


Beautiful rattlesnake bathing in the Sun.

IMG_3958     IMG_3963   Looks like someone backed their car over the side many years ago.

IMG_3967 IMG_3971

I thought White Sage Trail was going to take me to the top again gently and gradually.  But just as the end seemed near I was dropped back to the bottom again.

IMG_3994     IMG_4020     IMG_4029   Now mid-afternoon, the clouds have cleared giving a clearer view of the mountains beyond.

IMG_4042               IMG_4048

Grateful for a nice day of hiking.





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