Red Rock Canyon

This hike was great fun, loaded with spectacular mountain views, massive sandstone boulders and caves.  I liked how the route is broken up into manageable chunks of 3/4 of a mile.  A memorable day.

1   I started off on Calabasas Peak Motorway.

2               3

As I climbed up the trail I was able to pick out a lot of landmarks near the area, such as the tower that sits above Hondo Canyon.  After months of hiking all around the Santa Monica Mountain range, I feel like I’m really getting the lay of the land.

5               4

The rocks and antennae at Saddle Peak

3 Red Rock               7

Photo 1 – Ladyface Mountain  Photo 2 – The antennae on top of Castro Peak

8               9

Also in view, Malibu Creek State Park and Calabasas Peak

10       17      11      12

After a short but enjoyable trip up, I took the trail to the right and descended into the canyon.  Photos 2 and 3 show a rock formation that looks like a heart.

13       16      15      14

Unusual looking boulders and slabs all over.


Off the trail and up a few man-made steps is this cool “screaming face” cave.

20               21

19     22     23   I spent some time here climbing around and exploring.  Here are more shots of the caves, complete with campfire.

25     24   Photo 1 shows a California Black Walnut tree.

26       27      32       29

I continued on to the official end of the trail where there are a couple of houses, a porta-potty and a parking area.  I pushed on toward Old Topanga Road and found some of the best and reddest rocks were being missed by those who don’t.  For a 1/3 of a mile the road is dirt and a single lane.  Watch out for traffic.

28               30


33     34   The road then turns paved and took me through this hidden, quiet and shady neighborhood, complete with a crow’s nest.

36     35     43   I turned and headed back to the halfway point of Red Rock Road where another trail, Red Rock Canyon Trail, took me up into the hills and right next to many amazing boulders.  The trail itself is really rocky, less well maintained then the main trail but not a real problem.

37       38      39       40

41               42


44     45     46   The cave I explored earlier can be seen at the bottom of photo 1.  The formation in photo 3 should be called Half-A-Skull Rock.

47               48


The Great Ape

52      51   What keeps the boulder in the center of photo 2 from toppling over?

54               55


57               57a


59     58   The end of the trail is not really well marked – the two wooden posts with the faded signs are what to look for.  The trail actually continues on to I have no idea where – it wasn’t marked on my map – but down into the canyon from the opposite side from which I had just climbed.  In photo 2, looking into the canyon the top, I spotted a wigwam down below.

60   View from the top of Red Rock Canyon Trail







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