Talapop Trail

Today was a short hike, around five miles.  This pleasant little trek had a lot of character but maybe too much human intrusion.  Power lines next to the trail and views from above were compromised by busy Las Virgenes Road, a lot of condos, the freeway and a landfill.  I didn’t feel the encroachment necessarily overwhelmed the hike, however.  All in all an enjoyable day.

1     2     3     3a

I parked on Mulholland Highway about a quarter miles from Las Virgenes Road an started my hike at 8:30 am.  Right across the street is a fenced off adobe house.  It just looked like an old boarded up house to me.  I started hiking on North Grasslands Trail, which is a bit of a maze.  The trail takes you past a nasty looking electrical plant.  It reminded me of a giant science project.  I did find the symmetry of the parts interesting to look at but the loud buzzing noise made me physically uncomfortable.

4     5

6   Magnificent looking oaks can be found on the canyon bottom.  Twisted and tortured timbers.

7     8     9   More woody goodness

10     11   The trail goes right and then across a bridge.  Watch out for the poison oak creeping over the bottom.

12     13

14   Now headed over gently rolling hills on Talapop Trail.  It has a sort of “Little House on the Prairie” feel to it.  Photo 2 – Las Virgenes Road below.

16     17     18   I looked back and found this deer following me up the trail.  Clearly a good omen.  When she couldn’t pass she went around through the brush.


Looking back from a peak on Talapop Trail, you can see a faint trail running all the way to the top left of the photo.

23     21   The strange looking Calabasas landfill.


I wish I could say this is a true representation of the view from above but I positioned the camera to cut out all the ugly condos at the foot of the mountain.

24     25     26   The trail took me back down into the canyon and on to Las Virgenes Fire Road, which runs parallel to Talapop Trail.

28     27

I passed some writing in the dirt by the side of the trail.  Although the letters are faded the romantic message is clear.  “Marry Me”, it reads.

29   A marker that was sitting out in the middle of an empty space.  I hiked over to investigate.

30     31

32   Photos 1, 2 and 3 were taken as I was almost back to my car.  I checked out the little building that sits behind the adobe house.


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