Port Hueneme

A big change of pace this week, a hike along the beach.  This hike actually had three distinct sections – Ormond Beach, Bubbling Springs Recreation Greenbelt, and Port Hueneme Beach – a total of about nine miles.  The area has a ‘blue collar’ beach feel, being right between Point Mugu Naval Station and Port Hueneme Harbor, the only deep sea harbor between San Pedro and San Francisco.  The industrial aspects turned me off at first but the area grew on me as the day wore on.  Different and enjoyable.

1     2     3   Photo 1I’m a little lost here on Port Hueneme Road.  Arnold Road, my turn off, is not a major road and is a bit hard to find.  The parking lot was disgusting.  I looked down and found a tampon and condom next to the spot in which I parked.  There is a big power plant and other plants/factories along side the trail ahead.  The hike starts on the border of the military base.

4               8

I walked out to the sand.  Anacapa Island can be seen between the dunes.

5       6      7       7a

Photo 1 – Long-Billed Curlew

9               10

11   There are long lagoons between the beach and the inland areas.


After a couple of miles I was close to the pier.

13     14   There are numerous plaques on the trail.  This one is part of a memorial site for the victims of Alaska Airlines Flight 261, which went down eight miles off the coast.  A dolphin sundial completes the Flight 261 memorial.

15               16

The park-like area near the pier.

17       20      22       21

On the pier.  Photo 4 shows Ancapa and Santa Cruz Islands

18               19

There were several people fishing off the pier.  One reeled in a shovelnose shark.

23     25   I now began my walk down the Bubbling Springs Greenbelt.  Basically it’s a shady park setting squeezed into a long walkway with a creek running next to it.


The birds love it!

26               27

Very excited dog wants to play with the ducks

31     32     33   This squirrel was shy at first.  Then he became a little more bold.  Soon he found the courage to come down from his tree and grab this old corn cob, which he started munching on.

28     30     34   As I got further from the beach the greenbelt it begian to lose its charm.  There is less shade and the area just becomes less attractive.  I turned around at Pleasant Valley Road.  My advice would be to turn around at Port Hueneme Road.

35     37   Photo 1 – Now back by the beach, I was going to have lunch at this pagoda but a woman was smoking cigarettes there.  Photo 2 – Instead I ate at one of these wind protected picnic tables.  Good idea, whoever thought of them.

36               38

I crossed under the pier and then kept heading up the beach.

39               40

41     42     43   I soon left the beach but continued in the same direction on a walkway and road.

46               44


My last stop was Port Hueneme Lighthouse.  The road leading to it is protected from the surf by these boulders.  Feral cats find shelter in the spaces in-between.

47   Here is the historic lighthouse.  The sign said it is open to the public one day a month.  It’s dwarfed by all the large shipping machinery in the harbor behind it.


The jetty near the lighthouse

49               50

Photo 1 – The jetty across the harbor  Photo 2 – Standing out on the jetty and looking back at the beaches and mountains.

51       52      53       54

Heading back down the beach to my car.


On the drive home – the Great Sand Dune – Point Mugu State Park.

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