Awaken with a Whisper

I really needed to switch things up for awhile. Over the last year and a half many of my hikes involved walking out my front door with only a vague notion of what lay ahead. No planning, no driving and most often no camera. This offered a tremendous sense of freedom. On the days I did stick a camera in my pack, the following photos are the result.

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Silent Hiker…Signing Off

I have decided to retire this blog and move on to other things.  I will continue to hike and take photos, and maybe once in a blue moon I’ll post a new entry, just to keep it alive.  I wish you all well.  May your journeys be safe, fun and fulfilling.

Thanks for reading,

Silent Hiker

Four Little Los Angeles Lake Hikes

A day of short hikes. I visited four bodies of water – Hollywood Reservoir, Echo Park Lake, Silver Lake Reservoir and Lake Balboa.  All were unique in their own way.
Hiking Distance:
Hollywood Reservoir – 3.6 miles
Echo Park Lake – 1 mile
Silver Lake Reservoir – 3.2 miles
Lake Balboa – 1.75 miles
Total – Around 9 1/2 miles

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