Mount Baden-Powell

A long overdue trek to Mount Baden-Powell. When viewed from Angeles Crest Highway, this mountain can be intimidating because it’s just so darn big and tall and the highway it looks nearly straight up and down. The trail to the top with it’s many switchbacks, however, is moderate in incline and quite safe. The elevation did get to me today and I felt tired and dizzy at times. I’m not sure why, as I had no problems when I hiked right across the way to Throop Peak, Mount Hawkins and Mount Islip. The views, especially of Mount Baldy, cannot be beat.

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Forrestal Nature Reserve to Abalone Cove

How much magic can be squeezed into one hike? It was hot in Palos Verdes and there wasn’t much shade on the trails. Beyond that my day was nearly perfect. The views from the hills are spectacular. The views from the bluffs below are equally amazing. The trails are smooth, well maintained and well signed – a pleasure to hike on. This was just one of those rare days when everything seemed to fall into place. Helpful maps of this area can be found here: Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

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Mount Lowe

Don’t know why I took so long to hike this trail which sits right next to Mount Wilson and across from Strawberry Peak.  I could see so much here, from the numerous peaks in the San Gabriel Mountains all the way down to LA, the Verdugo Mountains, Griffith Park, the entire Santa Monica Mountain Range and much more.  It’ is also great to be able to look at old photos of these peaks and get them all straight in my head, like finally solving a long nagging riddle.  I now know which peak is Mount Lowe, which is Mount Markham, and so on. Can’t wait to get back here on a clear winter day.

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